What people are saying about me.

“Anisha immediately brings you to the truth behind the truth, but in a precise way. It’s a bit of a mystery to me how and what, but that doesn’t really matter. Her deep way of deepening me with my life brings me more and more in my power…”


“I strongly recommend having a session with Anisha. My coaching sessions with her went beyond my expectations. She has guided me in such a loving way to feel my own heart and connect with my Truth. Anisha is such a powerful and gifted alchemist, while holding the energy of the Divine mother to guide in a compassionate way. Don’t hesitate to book your session with her.”

L. Hanganu

“What a great experience. Anisha really has a wonderful gift and made me feel so good. So many emotions were released thanks to her spiritual healing and I can’t wait to schedule another session. Thank you dear Anisha ♥️ ”

C. Thielemans

I had a healing from Anisha and I want to express my gratitude for the Divine Angelic intervention ,which I felt. She truly is a gift to the world and if you need to have results I highly recommend her sessions . Keep shining beautiful Goddess ,may your path be full of joy,peace and love.I love your light. Namaste


“I had the blessing of experiencing a session with Anisha. I was impressed of the accuracy and the depth of information given that so resonated. She shared and tapped into information i never told anyone.It was guided with sacredness, love, respect, care, gentleness, presence, love and more…I felt in the moment of the healing a shift taking place leaving me with more peace, a profound awareness and New me.I truly recommend a session to anyone that resonates.Much blessings and big THANK YOU.”


“You have loosened ‘an energetic cord’ in me. Still grateful for that.”


“A true shamanic soul and a delight of a person. You’re in very good hands with her. ”

J. Vucelja

Anisha amazing ability to connect with the Spirit Guides is so much appreciated, her dedication to her spiritual journey, helping those who are on search is very well received within Heart Space by many including myself. Thank you Anita for sharing Light, thank you for bringing such a great offering to us ❤


The trust and quality of anisha ana with her talents is off the charts. the only ones…..dana too that i will seek guidance from.


Anisha Ana came at the exact right time in my life as I was struggling with my emotions and I felt very lost. She was able to help me regain my balance and shift things energetically and emotionally so that I could feel stable again. I have received quite a few of her sessions: soul healings, chakra balancing, coaching, clearing of past lives. Each time I felt more free and at peace with myself. Her sessions are nothing short of absolutely amazing. If you are looking for solid and true divine guidance I highly recommend Anisha Ana as her intuition and channel is truly something that is so pure and crystal clear. This is a gift for yourself that you won’t regret giving! ”

D. Grozdanova

“ I met Anisha 3 years ago but feels like I know her forever such profound and nourishing is the connection and the healing I received from her . She helped me to heal both spiritually and physically and she guided me to my true self, my inner power .Anisha has a very unique gift ,rarely found in both spiritual and physical community , she’s purely devoted to help and guide people at all levels of healing , not mentioning the generosity in doing so , she’s a pure and loving channel of Love. No matter what your issue or quest is, Anisha will guide you gracefully and powerfully towards your healing and your inner power with Love , Integrity and pure intentions. Thank you Anisha for your outstanding and profound help, i am immensely grateful, it’s a true blessing having met you.”

C. Guascone

Nice conversations, deep insights and magical healing of the wounded parts of the soul.