How my journey began

Dear one, welcome to my page. I am Anisha Ana

Since my very young age, I have been aware that there is more than meets the eye.

I could sense very early that there are energies that we can work with.

After many years of working in the healthcare sector I have gained a lot of knowledge about people and their needs. I have had many experiences which allowed me to connect with the beauty of human beings.

Being a very curious being, eager to always discover more about myself and others, I continued my self discovery path with numerous trainings, such as Hypnosis, Soulwork, Shamanism, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki Master, Multidimentional Facilitator, Life/ Intuitive Coach and different meditation techniques.

Seeing, feeling an knowing has started with my own inner process that did not always go smoothly. Whether it was a soft experience or a harsh one, I have always decided to move forward.

Our constant moving forward allows us to welcome change in our life and this is a truly beautiful process. There is always hope for change.

I could say that I am in love with people and their unique life stories. It really fascinates me to know how people are put together in all possible ways. Every person is unique and that’s what makes it so exciting. What is important to me is that everyone can feel comfortable and at peace inside. This is why I alway create a loving, warm and safe space for you.

I see and feel you, I open myself to welcome you in a safe space, as you are.

My goal is to guide you to your real self, to be connected with your core, your Source, your inner knowing, so that you remember who you are and what your soul purpose is here on Earth.